LASIK New JerseyThe excimer laser is a cold laser that corrects your vision by reshaping and flattening your cornea. We can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism with LASIK. We use the VISX Star S4 IR Excimer Laser. There are several advantages to this laser. With this laser, a patient does not need dilating drops during the procedure. The machine has a pupil-tracking device that automatically centers the treatment on the pupil, as well as iris registration, the scanner that follows the rotational movements of the iris making any sudden eye movements during the procedure harmless.

WaveScan Wavefront System

LASIK Surgery New JerseyWe are now offering the CustomVue LASIK procedure. In this procedure, we make an image map of the patient's cornea using WaveScan technology. Adapted from the technology used to make clear images in high-powered telescopes, the WaveScan identifies and measures imperfections on the cornea 25 times more accurately than previous techniques. The image generated by the WaveScan is then programmed into the excimer laser. Since no two patients have the same measurements, this allows the patient to have a personalized LASIK treatment that improves visual results and practically eliminates side effects such as glare and haloes. It also allows patients with large pupils to safely have CustomVue LASIK.

Surgical Technique:

With LASIK, the first step is creating a flap in the cornea. The micron-thin flap is created in one of two ways.

LASIK SurgeryLASIK Surgery We can now create a corneal flap using Intralase. This is a femtosecond laser that brings the highest degree of precision to the first step of LASIK. The infrared laser works by creating microscopic bubbles of carbon dioxide molecules within the cornea. Once thousands of these bubbles expand, they form a plane at a desired depth and location within the cornea. Intralase takes 17 seconds to create a corneal flap.

The corneal flap can also be made with a microkeratome. This machine uses a razor-thin metal blade that oscillates back and forth at a high speed. The microkeratome creates the flap in about 15 seconds. We use either the Amadeus or the Hansatome, which are the safest microkeratomes available.
Get the facts about Intralase:

After lifting the flap, the laser is applied for up to one minute, corresponding to the amount of correction desired. Finally, the flap is laid back down in position and takes hold within three minutes. No stitches are necessary to hold the flap in place. The procedure and recovery period is usually painless, and you regain functional vision in one day. Because of the quick recovery time, the patient can have both eyes done on the same day. The patient takes eye drops several times daily for one week following LASIK.

CustomVue LASIK Video
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With CustomVue LASIK, 98% of patients get 20/20 vision or better. However, not all patients are candidates for CustomVue. Other patients can still get standard LASIK. Over 95% of patients having this procedure get 20/40 vision or better without glasses or contact lenses.

We perform our excimer laser procedures at the following laser centers:

TLC North Jersey
200 Riverfront Blvd.
Elmwood Park, New Jersey, 07407
Phone: 201-796-4466

Side Effects:

Side effects are an uncommon possibility with refractive surgery. As with any type of surgery, there are some risks involved with the procedure.

Most often, patients temporarily experience increased dryness after LASIK. This is usually improved with artificial tears until the corneal nerves regrow and the symptoms disappear.

With LASIK, the flap can rarely develop problems such as wrinkling. A second procedure is sometimes necessary to smooth these wrinkles. It is possible for debris or cells to lodge underneath the flap. Usually, this causes no symptoms. Occasionally, the flap needs to be lifted in order to remove the debris or cells. If the flap is too thick or too thin, too large or too small, we may not be able to complete the procedure and the patient would have to allow the flap to heal for a few months before attempting it again.

Previous side effects such as over- or undercorrection, glare, and haloes have been almost completely eliminated by CustomVue and Intralase.

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