Cataract surgery today is better than ever. Eye surgeons can improve visual results to give the clearest vision with less dependence on glasses. Adam Friend, M.D. is a leading expert in performing cataract surgery that can also get rid of the need for reading glasses (presbyopia) and astigmatism. Here are the options that you when you choose to have cataract surgery.

Presbyopia Correction

As people get older, their eyes naturally lose the ability to focus up close and require reading glasses to function. This condition is known as presbyopia. Up until a few years ago, patients who had cataract surgery loved their improved distance vision, but still suffered from presbyopia. Now, there are several new lens implants that overcome presbyopia. Dr. Friend is one of the few surgeons experienced with all the available implants. 

The latest technological breakthroughs for cataract surgery allow patients to get greater freedom from glasses than ever before. Multifocal IOLs have tiny ridges on their surface that break up light as it passes through, focusing at distance and near. Accommodative IOLs have joints that allow the eye’s ciliary muscles to flex the lens, restoring the ability to focus at different distances.

AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL 

AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL

The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL by Alcon gives patients the full range of quality vision. In clinical trials, 80 percent of patients reported never wearing bifocals or reading glasses after bilateral cataract surgery.

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Tecnis IOL

Tecnis Multifocal IOL

The Tecnis Multifocal IOL by Abbott gives patients excellent distance and near vision. Another hallmark of this lens implant is its excellent performance in patients who need to read in low-light conditions (i.e. reading a menu at some restaurants).


The Crystalens by Bausch + Lomb is the only FDA-approved accommodating IOL.  It gives patients great visual clarity, particularly at distance and intermediate  (computer) distances. The advantages of Crystalens also include being compatible with imperfections of the cornea and macula as well as giving patients outstanding night vision.


Unfortunately, multifocal IOLs like ReSTOR and Tecnis are not designed for everybody. These lenses cannot be used in patients who have large amounts of astigmatism, as well as certain diseases of the macula and cornea. They are also not ideal for certain professions and hobbies that require perfect night vision. Crystalens also cannot be used in patients with large amounts of astigmatism. In addition, in some patients eyeglasses are needed to see small print clearly. Dr. Friend meticulously screens all patients who are interested in these lens implants to make sure their eyes are compatible with multifocal and accommodative IOLs.

Astigmatism Correction

Toric IOL

Toric IOL

The latest development for lens implants is designed to cure astigmatism. The AcrySof Toric IOL reduces or eliminates the need for distance glasses after cataract surgery by treating astigmatism. Before this invention, patients with astigmatism would experience greatly improved vision after cataract surgery, but would still need to wear distance glasses in order to see their best. The Toric IOL brings the same astigmatism correction into the implant, making it much less likely after surgery that a patient would need that correction in glasses.

Aspheric IOL

If you have a cataract but are not a candidate for any of these lens implants, you will still get tremendous improvement in your vision with the latest technology.  Dr. Friend uses Alcon AcrySof IQ and Tecnis Aspheric IOLs, both of which reduce spherical aberration to give patients the best night and low-light vision.

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